PAINPOWERFIT is an organizing principle for determining whether and how to apply resources towards the achievement of change. Its three components are the three characteristics that exist in every instance of change.

  • PAIN is a critical problem or significant opportunity.
  • POWER is the wherewithal to solve the problem or to realize the opportunity.
  • FIT is a suitable solution with a comparative advantage.

When these factors exist, change is virtually unstoppable.

The PAINPOWERFIT experience is a comprehensive perspective-shifting professional development program for leaders and accomplished or aspirational high performers.

Discovered and developed in the context of thousands of complex conceptual sales opportunities, and based on the latest research in behavioral economics and neuroscience, PAINPOWERFIT focuses on three core competencies — decisionmaking, sensemaking and storytelling — to dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of change agents in every environment.

Effective performers in every field use these skills in a dynamic, iterative process to achieve their objectives.